10000 Reasons (2014)

LION KING MUSICAL. That immense joy mum had was honestly such a delight. In 2012, I started this jar project called “10000 Reasons” and it’s where I fill up my jar with the memories and events that I’m grateful for or even just the little remnants of my life […]


It’s time to turn the page.

Today I came across the words turn the page and it really got me thinking about the past, present and the future. For me, turning the page is about moving forward. When you’re reading a book, once you’ve read the page the next thing that needs […]

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Tick Those Goals (January, 2015)

This is a new project that I am starting and I’m hoping that this project will continue to be an active project. I’m starting this project because I want to make realistic goals and I think the best way to achieve goals is to make […]

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New Year Realisation

  I’ve tried making New Year’s Resolutions and let me tell you, every year at least within the first two weeks, I always forget about the resolutions and I just continue, living. I’m hoping that a lot of people experience the same thing that I experience but when […]

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