The Rose Society (#2) by Marie Lu

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“My moment of bloodlust has passed but the darkness it brought lingers, feeding the little whispers in my head that have suddenly become deafening.”

This book was fast-paced, dark, full of so many schemes and it was so damn good. I flew through this book and I’m not surprised at all. Marie Lu has a way with words and she absolutely captivates you into the story and somehow, you find yourself somewhat sympathising with the dark side. This book was so much better than the first one and it was definitely more memorable than the first one.

The second book starts from right where we left off in the first book. The Daggers have casted her out, Adelina is hurt and feels betrayed and she’s more determined than ever to get revenge. Adelina, along with her sister go on a little quest to find some infamous Young Elites (who may or may not be legends) in hopes that they will join her. Adelina hopes to form her own army of Young Elites and she’s so determined to strike down the Inquisition Axis. This book is completely driven by her thirst for revenge and it is one of the main reasons why as to why this book is so good and dark.

Adelina -what an interesting character! Slowly on the brink of surrendering to the darkness, you get to witness her struggle and damn, it is good. Her POV was so easy to slip into and her voice is so strong, dominant and honest. It was enthralling to see her struggle with the dark and light; and even more interesting to see the effect of darkness on her. It definitely made her an unforgettable character.

Marie Lu doesn’t slow down with the story but just keeps giving and giving and the characters keep growing and growing. Her writing was so captivating and somewhat poetic -the feelings and thoughts of the characters really came to life. Marie Lu is so good with her words I found myself pitying the characters and sometimes even sympathising with the characters (even when I know I shouldn’t because evil, evil!).

This story was so memorable, so dark and so addictive. I honestly cannot wait to see how Marie Lu is going to carry and end this trilogy.


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