Wolf by Wolf (#1) by Ryan Graudin

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“These were the names she whispered in the dark. These were the pieces she brought back into place.  These were the wolves she rode to war.”

It is the year 1956. It’s been ten years since the Nazis have won the war.
Meet Yael. She’s in the Resistance and her sole mission is to kill Hitler. 

Oh this book was so brilliant. I spent days raving on and on about this book and even now, I’m still so astounded by how great this book was. The writing was addictive, superb and somewhat poetic but I think the premise of this book is the main reason as to why this book was so amazing.

It is action-packed and Ryan Graudin doesn’t shy away from the adventure -she just jumps right into it from the beginning. Something else that Ryan Graudin needs to be commended for is the courage in writing a book about the horrific “what if.” What if the Nazis won the war? Just what if? No one wants to think about it because the Holocaust is a historical event that has broken so many families and ended so many lives. Why would anyone think about the alternative history that could have been?

However, Ryan Graudin takes that step because she believes that something can be learnt from it. At the end of the book, Graudin actually added an author’s note explaining her purpose behind her novel and it was extremely interesting to read. It was an eye-opening note and made the story of Yael somewhat more precious and meaningful.

I entered this book without knowing much about the premise and I think that is what made the story more powerful. But I will give a little bit more background information about the story: Yael was used for an “experiment” and the result? The ability to shift her appearance. With her ability to skin shift, she carries out a life-changing mission: kill Hitler. But first she needs to be close enough to kill him.

It’s an intense, fast-paced story that covers themes like identity and sense of self; and it’s hard-breaking because you see Yael struggling with herself, her role in this world and her worth.

Graudin wrote with a  purpose and an intent and it was a powerful message. This book is definitely one that needs to be read and spread.

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