Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

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In this book, the society is ranked by your blood type: red or silver. We’re not talking metaphors here. We’re talking literally. Your blood will either be silver or red and the colour of your blood has become an entitlement to who you are. Silvers are born with abilities and the Reds don’t have any abilities (I mean, if we were to talk in Harry Potter terms, Reds are Muggles). And there’s nothing wrong with being a Muggle! And essentially, this has created a division within the society. The Reds are commoners and the Silvers are elites and they lead a much more privileged (and might I add, selfish) life. It’s downright unfair to be honest. The Reds live a hard life where they must work hard to just get through one day. Just to get a bigger and clearer picture, just imagine this: one area is harsh poverty and the other area is lavish. This is the society that our characters live in.

Introducing you to our main protagonist: Mare Barrow. She’s 17 years old and she’s a Red and she’s a thief. That’s how she gets by and that is how she helps out her family in any way possible. The completely unfair situation about being a Red is this because you’re a commoner, when you hit the age 18 and you’re jobless then automatically, it is conscription for you. This is the situation that Mare is living in. She’s mentally preparing herself for war. Already her 3 older brothers are at war and now, she’s the next one to go: leaving her parents and younger sister behind.

Mare gets herself into a tricky situation. Don’t want to spoil too much but she ends up working within the palace for the king and queen. This is all good news because that means no war for her and money to financially support her parents! However, a twist of fate puts her in a situation where out of nowhere, she finds that she has abilities of her own. Despite her red blood oozing within her vein, she has abilities that only Silvers can possess and this is a mind blowing revelation because this changes the entire perception of this divided society. Obviously the king and queen do everything in their wicked power to cover up Mare’s abilities with lies, lies and more lies. She’s now betrothed to the younger prince and now she finds herself in an environment where she is constantly lying and trying to keep herself more alive.

This is the premise of the book and I agree with some other reviews: it is cliched and pretty unoriginal but you know what? At the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I didn’t think it was a waste of time at all. The world building was lacking in many areas but the character development was pretty solid good. It was no where near perfection but it was seriously an entertaining book. With some of the plot twists, they were predictable but it was still fun and enjoyable. The one thing I’m still thinking about it whether or not I actually admire Mare or not. Usually I’m hot or cold when it comes to characters: I will either love them or hate them but in this case, it was just mediocre. I haven’t decided because there were times where I was like, ‘YES YOU GO GIRL’ but then other times, I just didn’t understand her way of thinking and rationalising things? Some of the things she thought and did, I didn’t get it and I feel like I didn’t know her enough to be like, ‘yeah I know why you did that Mare.’ I felt like I was seeing things from a really far by-standing view (I know I previously said that the character development was solid) and it was solid good but solid good from a far perspective. I wasn’t quite there with Mare.

Please give this book a go. It’s honestly so fun and entertaining and it reads like a movie. And the ending of this book was just great because it wasn’t too much of a cliff-hanger but it left me wanting more and more and it left me in frustration because the next book comes out in 2016. 2016 is so far because 2015 LITERALLY JUST STARTED. BUT I MUST LIVE WITH THIS FRUSTRATION.

(And also, to those who have read this book CAL. ALL THE DAMN FEELS ABOUT CAL).

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