10000 Reasons (2014)

10000 Reasons

LION KING MUSICAL. That immense joy mum had was honestly such a delight.

In 2012, I started this jar project called “10000 Reasons” and it’s where I fill up my jar with the memories and events that I’m grateful for or even just the little remnants of my life that made me smile. The idea for this project occurred whilst I was listening to the worship song “10000 Reasons” by Matt Redman, hence the name! I started this to always remind myself that God is good and that there are so many reasons to be grateful for. It’s the little bit of things that I want to cherish and remember and let me tell you, 31st of Decembers are always the best because I get to open the jar up and open the little notes up. After 365 days of not being able to read what I wrote, when I do eventually get to read the notes, it’s one of the best feelings because all the memories start coming back to me and it’s like, ‘oh wow, that was this year?’ It is also surreal to read the notes because I’m reading it from a different perspective. The Gloria I was when I wrote that note is different to the Gloria I am today (if that makes sense?). When I opened up my notes some of the memories I wrote about were normal and neutral events but at that time, the feelings and emotions I must have felt must have compelled me to write it and put it in my jar. I won’t be able to share all the notes in my jar but here are a few that made me smile and reminded me that despite the sorrows of 2014, life is always good.

I came home and I was expecting a package that I bought but it was something else. And I found out Zoe sent me a gift. She wanted to cheer me up because the other day I was feeling a bit down.


I miss the old house but the new house is pretty amazing and it was time for our family to move on and start fresh.

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2 thoughts on “10000 Reasons (2014)”

  1. Awww! I just got home and checked your blog and then I saw the note about me and it made me all smiley and happy ❤️


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