New Year Realisation

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I’ve tried making New Year’s Resolutions and let me tell you, every year at least within the first two weeks, I always forget about the resolutions and I just continue, living. I’m hoping that a lot of people experience the same thing that I experience but when the new year starts approaching, I get super pumped and energised and I get bombarded with all these creative ideas. And I get this sudden desire to achieve all my innovative ideas, dreams and aspirations. I start planning and organising and a lot of the time I talk about these ideas with my family and friends and it becomes real. The reality of my desire to achieve these dreams become so real and then, something happens. I trip over my old habits and fall back into the routine of saying, “I’ll start tomorrow.” And then I find myself saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise” for the next 365 days and by the end of the year, I’ve achieved nothing. That sinking feeling of knowing that you’ve achieved nothing really hits you and brings you down because time is so precious yet, I’ve wasted my time by rolling around in bed (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you do it way too frequently). Reflecting on the past years, I’ve come to realise that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all the things I want to achieve but never actually doing them.

These habits of never doing but always thinking about doing has really made a negative mark on my lifestyle, especially as a Christian I found that these habits have slowly affected my faith. Every year when I make a New Year’s Resolution I always add, “read the bible more often” and every single year, I fail to keep that resolution. It’s this endless cycle of “tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow” and I never get around to it. And this frustrates me the most because reading the bible is such an obvious and important part of my life yet I keep adding it to my resolution list. I shouldn’t be adding it every year because regardless of whether it is the new year or not, I should be reading the bible more often. Not because I’m obliged to read it more often but because I have the desire to read and because I want to spend more time with God. Which is why, this year instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to just make a goal list. It probably doesn’t sound that much different from a New Year’s Resolution but New Year Resolutions make it sound like I’ve signed a contract saying that I have to achieve it by this year. And a lot of the time my resolutions are so vague I never know where to start, so this year, I’m going to make a goal list for 2015 but divide the goal list for each month.

It’s more realistic and I’m all about being realistic because reality is happening now. I don’t want to miss out on this glorious life that God has given me and I don’t want to miss out on glorifying God just because I want to spend more time in bed. I don’t want to continue to be that person that repeatedly says, “tomorrow” and then finds out that tomorrow never came.

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